In the Shadow

W cieniu

Lily of the Valley is a flower growing in the shade among the lowest plants in the forest. They bloom in spring when there are not many leaves on the trees and some sun rays can reach these little and beautiful flowers and create the interesting play of light and shadow.

Konwalie to kwiaty rosnące w cieniu pomiędzy najniższymi roślinami w lesie. Kwitną wiosną gdy nie ma jeszcze zbyt wielu liści na drzewach i promienie słońca mogą dotrzeć do tych małych i pięknych kwiatów i stworzyć ciekawą grę światła i cienia.

img_2359bwWeekly photo challenge: shadowed.


10 thoughts on “In the Shadow

  1. We call them “Maiglöckchen” in German. Literally “May Bell”. I was born on May 1st and it is a tradition on that day to give those flowers to friends or family. I live far from home, but my mum still manages to always send me some. Last year it was a photo of them 🙂
    Besides this anecdote: I love the composition and the soft light in your photo.


    • So you are very lucky to be born in May and to get these beautiful flowers every year. My daughter is also lucky – her namesday is on 15 May (her name is Zofia – Sophie) and she gets them every year too. 🙂

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